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Functional Medicine

Many patients come to my office asking about solutions to healthcare conditions. Many want to avoid the use of dangerous pharmaceutical medications. We have specialized clinical testing with major labs. Tests include micronutrient, cholesterol, thyroid, hormones, brain neurotransmitters, heavy metals, and more!

We have new DNA testing. We can now test your DNA medication contraindications and your DNA guided vitamin supplementation recommendations.

We start with a Functional Assessment Questionnaire, then a phone consult, then we meet in person for required testing.


   Here are the easy steps:

  • Call us at 925-736-3210
  • Fill out an online Functional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Dr. Hewitt will send you an email for a phone consult
  • Clinical testing will be discussed based on your FAQ
  • Cost for FAQ and phone consult is $125
  • Then we meet in person if testing is recommended
  • Clinical tests are performed at a local lab
  • Any costs for clinical testing are additional based on lab fees
  • I co-manage this with local MD's when necessary for a thorough discovery