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    Dr. Mandy McManis is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West with Honors. She continues to passionately inspire students at the chiropractic college as one of their esteemed professors on the faculty. Prior to her chiropractic career, she worked in Corporate America at Ebay and HP. She has a B.A. and MBA in addition to her Doctorate of Chiropractic degrees.

    She is the Founder of a non-profit called Hands for Life Mt Eden, with her commitment to patients that may not have access to chiropractic care.

    Her Commitment:

    Dr. Mandy is inspired to care for families with special interests in helping parents to live their full potential. She is sensitive and empathetic in nature and integrates science, intuition and energy to bring empowering results to her patients. Outside of caring for her community through chiropractic she enjoys exploring nature with her husband and two energetic little boys.

    She is committed to caring for her patients with a gentle style of chiropractic and she takes her time so that her patients can experience the innate healing that occurs through the mind-body-spirit connection.

    In Health and Light,

    Dr. Mandy McManis, DC


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