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Our whole body wellness plans are designed to facilitate your health for the course of your lifetime.  We encourage you to invite your entire family to experience wellness with chiropractic care at our office.  We have three phases to your whole body wellness plan:

Crisis Care Plan/Initial Intensive:  Crisis care plans are designed if you are currently experiencing pain, tension, stress, fatigue, muscle soreness, and STRESS. The goal of your crisis care plan is to get you feeling better and stabilize your spine. We may need to refer you out to other healthcare professionals if clinical testing is required to determine the CAUSE of your pain. Once we have determined that chiropractic care is not contraindicated to your condition, this phase of care starts with regular chiropractic adjustments in our office until we have you out of acute severe pain and functioning optimally. Everyone is different, so this Initial Intensive phase of care is patient centered and specific to YOUR condition and recovery time. Once you are out of acute severe pain, we immediately move you into the next phase of care to quickly get you back to your BUSY lifestyle. 

Rehabilitative/Critical Transition: Once your spine is stabilized, your wellness plan frequency will be reduced and extended over a longer period of time. This is a critical phase of care because the acute severe pain will be gone which allows us to begin the rehabilitative / regenerative / remodeling phase of care. During this phase of care, we will recommend a home care stretching program to assist with our conservative chiropractic care approach. This phase is interactive and non-invasive. We continue with gentle chiropractic adjustments and provide you with specific stretches for your chief complaint. For example, we have low back, hip, shoulder, neck, knee, and overall spinal stretches that can improve function of the joints and muscles that may be involved with your pain syndrome.

Lifestyle/Maintenance/Prevention:  The intensity of this phase of care will depend upon the intensity of your lifestyle, activities of daily living, work stress, travel, and overall health condition. The more active you are, the more stress you experience, the more you will appreciate lifestyle maintenance and prevention care.

Results:  We get great results and as one of our many patients reported to us that she received a "Wellness Intervention with a renewed lease on life". We see improved function daily at Anatomy Power Wellness, however we are realistic so expect flare-ups from time to time. Your results depend upon the severity of your condition, age, health history, lifestyle habits, occupation, work stress, toxicity, weight, activities of daily living, nutrition, and medications that may exacerbate your pain. In other words, this prevention phase of care is designed to have you come in occasionally for a spinal tune-up. Our experience with many patients demonstrates that people who maintain overall well-being have less acute severe pain flair-ups. This is the phase of care where we suggest a regular workout regime, nutritious foods to maintain your optimal weight, and manage your STRESS with healthy rituals and habits.


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