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Call Anatomy Power Wellness for a consultation with any of our doctors, to discuss your wellness goals, and let us share our Wellness Plans and Family Programs. Your first visit is designed for us to learn more about you and your expectations to determine if our chiropractic holistic health care services will be the right treatment for you.



After your healthcare and spinal consultation, we will determine if chiropractic care is the best treatment for your condition. We do a thorough exam with posture analysis, range of motion tests, orthopedic tests, then we passively and actively test all joints for restrictions, tension, spasms, symmetry, injuries, and trauma. We perform all tests with your consent. We also refer out to the appropriate medical provider if your condition requires additional tests.


Clinical Studies

Your specific condition may require more testing before we can determine your Wellness Care Plan. We always send our patients out for additional tests if there are medical risks, contraindications for chiropractic adjustments, risk of fracture, history of cancer, or you have a condition that is not resolving.


Report of Findings

Once all the information and examinations have been performed, we provide a Report of Findings to answer any questions. After discussing your goals and reviewing any tests, we will discuss recommendations with you. If you have a condition that requires care with other healthcare providers, we will make recommendations. If we can support you in your condition, we will recommend a chiropractic wellness care plan.

Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Patients will be instructed on a Wellness Program that includes a specific plan for your health goals. The foundation of Anatomy Power Wellness is to share lifestyle habits for a healthy life - including good spinal alignment and posture, nutritional recommendations, gentle stretching routine for stress relief, and a plan to take your BUSY life to the next level.


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