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 We will take xrays when necessary, but they are not always required for chiropractic care.


At Anatomy Power Chiropractic Wellness Studio, we recommend X-rays if you had your condition for a long time and it is not resolving, you have been in a car accident and there may be a fracture, you have a history of cancer, or your condition is getting worse and we need to find out why. We can refer you out to get X-rays. Dr. Leslie Hewitt will review them when you bring them into the office as part of your Initial Chiropractic Exam & Consultation.

 We can refer our patients to get an MRI when we suspect disc, nerve, and serious conditions prior to chiropractic treatment.


At Anatomy Power Chiropractic Wellness Studio, we can make a doctor's referral to get our patients an MRI. If there is a need to look at spinal conditions that present as disc bulging or herniation, nerve root stenosis, radiculopathy or unexplained pain. If you have healthcare insurance, we can make a courtesy call to your insurance company to ensure your MRI is paid with a pre-authorization before your appointment.